Cultural, Whiskey Tasting, and Speaker’s Events

Tullamore Dew Whiskey Tasting

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Sunday : Tullamore Dew Stage – South Hall  5:15 pm.

FEMALE : Age 18-100                 MALE:      Age 18-100
No Registration Required.
Must be in appropriate place for family viewing. Or we will laugh at you and you WILL be disqualified.
Prizes: 1st  2nd & 3rd in each category.
Come prepared to strut your tattoo.


Speaker’s Sessions – 3 Locations

Speaker’s Tent

7:00 - 10:00 PMIrish Music Session Session led by Billy McComiskey and Donna Long Musical Presentations
12:00 - 12:45 PMMichael McConnell The Histort of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) Historic Presentation
1:00-1:45 PMDavid Quinn Researching and Writing Irish-American Novels Author
2:00-2:45 PMKenneth Smith- Christmas The "Frankenspencer" Rifle at the Battle of Ridgeway Historical Presentation
3:00-3:45 PMDanielle Adams The Women of the Easter Rising Historical presentation
4:00-4:45 PMElyse Pollick-Byrnes “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland Historical presentation
5:00-5:45 PMLuke McCusker Baltimore’s Irish Orphan Boys, Famine Ships, and the Forming of St. Mary’s Church. Historical presentation
6:00-6:45 PMRyan Wagner & Bob Frank History of Guinness and also Brewing in Maryland Historical presentation
7:00-7:45 PMDave Riordan Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Poor Social Service Charity
8:00-8:45 PMTBD TBD TBD
1:00-1:45 PMAllen Byrne The Irish and the Medal of HonorHistorical Presentation
2:00-2:45 PMDave RiordanThe Molly MaguiresHistorical Presentation
3:00-3:45 PMAllen Byrne & Gen. Jim Coleman The Irish Contribution to the US Military Historical Presentation

Hedge Row Tent (in South Hall)

12:00-12:45 PMMary-Kate LeeHarp EssentialsMusical Lesson
1:00-2:00 PMLaurence NugentFlute: Technique & TunesMusical Lesson
2:00-3:00 PMPeter Brice Singing: English Language Musical Lesson
3:00-4:00 PMJoanna Clare Tune Teach: Melody instrumentsMusical Lesson
4:00-5:00 PMJoanna Clare Composition: Learn to compose a tune Musical Lesson
5:00-6:00 PMJerry O’SullivanUilleann Pipes: What you need to knowMusical Lesson
6:15-7:15 PMTerry Kane Singing in English or IrishMusical Lesson
12:00-1:00 PMPeter FitzgeraldTenor Banjo / mandolin Tunes & TechniqueMusical Lesson
1:00-2:00 PMLaurence NugentFlute: Tunes & TechniqueMusical Lesson
2:00-3:00 PMCatherine O’KellySinging in the Traditional Style. Learn a songMusical Lesson
3:00-4:00 PMNorm MyersBodhranMusical Lesson
4:00-5:00 PMPat EganGuitar: Standard TuningMusical Lesson

Wee Folks Stage (in Children’s Area)

12:00-12:30 PMPenny WhistleMusical InstructionJonathon Srour
12:30-1:00Irish DanceDancing InstructionJonathon Srour
1:00-2:00 PM 3 Competitions: Red Hair, Green Eyes, FrecklesAges: Under 8, 8-18, Over 18No registration required
2:00-2:15 PMRichmond Pipe BandMusicalEntertainment
2:15-3:15 PMSeamus Kennedy Children's SongsChildren’s Entertainment
3:30-4:00Keystone FiddlersInstrumental Musical Entertainment
4:15-4:45Music & Dance GamesChildren's Entertainment
5:00-5:30Story Time at the Wee Folk StageChildren's Stories
5:30-6:00Keystone FiddlersInstrumental Musical Entertainment
6:00-6:15Richmond Pipe BandMusicalEntertainment
6:15-7:15Spain BrothersChildren's SongsMusical Entertainment
7:30-8:00Music & Dance GamesChildren's Entertainment
8:15-9:00Wee Folk House BandIrish MusicMusical Entertainment
12:00-12:30Penny WhistleMusical InstructionJonathon Srour
12:30-1:00Irish DanceDancing InstructionJonathon Srour
2:00-2:30Music & Dance GamesChildren's Entertainment
2:45-3:15Story Time at the Wee Folk StageChildren's Stories
3;30-4:00Wee Folk House BandIrish MusicMusical Entertainment
4:15-4:45Music & Dance GamesChildren's Entertainment
5:00-5:30Wee Folk House BandIrish MusicMusical Entertainment