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“Bold Fenian Men” –  Historic

The “Bold Fenian Men” return to the festival again this year, with their unique exhibition of antique firearms that were carried by both the Irish-American Fenians, and the Canadian and British forces, during the Fenian Raids on Canada, in both 1866 and 1870.   As before, they will be garbed in a range of Fenian “uniforms”—including the uniforms of former Union soldiers, Confederate soldiers, and period civilian clothing—and they look forward to talking with the festival attendees about the Fenian Raids.  Several members of the group will again be playing pre-1871 Irish tunes and songs on fiddles, guitars, mandolins, bodhrans, and whistles, and will also be playing some period Fenian songs, as well as favorite tunes and songs from the American Civil War.  Some members of this group had set up exhibitions on the Irish Transvaal Brigade of the Boer War, the Easter Rising, and the West Cork Flying Column at Maryland Irish Festivals in previous years.